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Our Mission

To help lenders grow profitably with intelligent automation.
SMBs are the lifeblood of our economy - farmers, manufacturers, service providers. Commercial lenders keep commerce flowing. We're proud to help lenders reduce friction and keep money circulating as efficiently as possible.
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Our motto is “Can we do it better?” Continuous improvement and disruption are wired into our DNA. We learn from our customers, from our successes and our failures. We set the bar high and never stop pushing the boundaries of ABL efficiency.

In 2011, we realized that client/server ABL software wasn’t good enough. So we launched the first ABL cloud platform – enabling new levels of collaboration and productivity. We strove for accessiblity, flexibility and scalability.

We continue simplifying, connecting data, making ABL easier. Banking integrations, flexible APIs, advanced analytics – all tools to give you more control. Our next frontier is Instant Borrowing Base, fully automating borrowing base submission and analysis.

Joe Rosario
FOUNDER (In Memoriam)
Joe was the mastermind behind ABLSoft, coding the original version himself. He will always be remembered for his humor, brilliance and the care he gave to those around them. He continues to be a guiding light in our mission and values.

Meet the Team

Nancy Lee
Joel Garcia
Interim CTO
Tammy Rouah
Business Development
Shreya Ramesh
Customer Success
Lanie Canfield
Product Specialist
Melissa Lampetro
Product Specialist
Jim Oshaughnessy
Product Specialist
Mayra Dore
Implementation Manager


Ready to grow and make a difference?
We're actively hiring engineers (Java), project managers and account executives. We'd love to hear from you!