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Borrowing Base, Part 2 – A Path to Borrowing Happiness

Industry Assets – October 2023 Before the advent of asset-based lending software, most lenders relied on Excel spreadsheets to manage and monitor the collateral supporting their Borrowing Bases. It was considered the most efficient and versatile method back then, but came with its fair share…

rdanis, 1 month ago
7 min read

Accelerate your Asset Based Lending

Financial institutions that want to remain competitive in today’s market know they must accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. They understand that users demand faster mobile services, personalized products, and transparency in the lending process. In recent years, nimble fintech startups have played a critical role…

Nancy Lee, 1 year ago
13 min read

Woh! Instant Borrowing Base Has Arrived

We’re excited to announce the launch of Instant Borrowing Base (IBB). This new capability enables borrowers to pass key data (agings, financials) directly from their accounting systems to ABLSoft. IBB supports real-time import from 9 accounting systems, including QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero. No more chasing…

David Britton, 4 years ago
2 min read