ABLSoft: Flexibility for You: Your platform, your way
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ABLSoft: Flexibility for You: Your platform, your way

ccooper, 2 weeks ago
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Flexibility for You: Your platform, your way

Every lender is different and has unique needs. No matter the requirements, the ABLSoft platform is flexible and agile enough to handle them. Every client receives a bespoke enterprise system thanks to the platform’s vast array of tailored configurations.

These configuration options include:

  • A deeply granular command of ineligible options and definitions; users can adjust ineligibles to the specific debtor.
  • All loan types are supported, from standard collateral like accounts receivable and inventory to custom loan types that the user can predefine.
  • A wide array of caps, limits, rates, and fees are also offered right out of the box,
  • System owners also have broad control of user permissions and roles, ensuring that security and oversight aren’t sacrificed in the name of flexibility.

Effortless Efficiency: Import your Borrowing Base

One of the ABLSoft platform’s greatest strengths is the efficiency it delivers. This starts with the digital borrowing base, with many automated options making it easy to import documents and reconcile inconsistencies in moments.

  • Our mapper and parser tools digest a wide array of file types instantly, while the client portal allows borrowers to input their borrowing base quickly with no back-and-forth emails needed.
  • Upon upload, the platform automatically calculates availability.
  • Once your borrowing base is imported, email reminders, and real-time alerts provide account updates at configurable intervals.
  • With the borrowing base reconciliation feature, you can easily compare borrower-submitted BBC against lender-defined borrowing base with convenient flags that identify discrepancies.

With knowledgeable and dedicated support services, ABLSoft’s platform allows users to save time and work smarter.

Manage Risk with Reliable Reporting

Risk management needs to be the top priority where lending and borrowing are concerned. ABLSoft’s platform fully delivers on this need with robust reporting and sound safeguards to match.

  • Accurate reporting is vital in this industry, and ABLSoft has you covered. In addition to the trending analysis and 50 standard reports available on the system, users can utilize the Report Designer module to create custom reports.
  • Users can also create customized reporting covenants that will deliver automatic updates when a borrower is out of compliance.
  • Follow trends using the Trend Card and Client Activity Summary reports. The Trend Card covers collateral position, while the Client Activity Summary details dilution and turnover.
  • Get instant intel with the portal’s real-time alerts, which are also fully customizable.

These comprehensive solutions available in the platform ensure accuracy and accountability.

Enterprise Ready: Our Platform Scales With You

Every successful business needs tools that will grow along with it.

  • The platform boasts top-of-the-line authentication, such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  • Further peace of mind springs from our data encryption and industry-leading SOC 2 compliance.
  • Our technology can power your business, as the platform is ready-made to support core banking integrations and real-time APIs.
  • In addition to ABL, the platform can handle financial spreading, participation loans, and factoring.

With a scalable and adaptable platform, ABLSoft is the perfect partner for a growing enterprise.