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Scale Operations with a Digital Borrowing Base

ablsoft, 5 years ago
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Unlocking growth

We’re proud to announce major enhancements to our digital borrowing base capability. This includes Instant Borrowing Base™, a new feature that allows borrowers to pass key data (agings, financials) directly from their accounting systems to ABLSoft. This has been a year in the making and we’re excited to see it in action.Every lender we meet wants the same thing: portfolio growth.

They see the opportunity but feel constrained by their own outdated processes.

“Can we handle it?”, they ask themselves. “Can we scale our portfolio without surging headcount?”   

The answer is ‘Yes, you can’. That’s exactly what digitizing your borrowing base will allow you to do. However, it requires a strategic commitment to intelligent automation. Like anything, there is a learning curve – but it’s well worth it.

Back-office struggle

The basic problem is complexity. Every deal has its own unique structure (collateral, sublimits, reports, covenants). Every borrower has her own preferred way of sharing files (emails, password-protected Excel, PDFs). 

This complexity causes inefficiency. Tons of custom spreadsheets. Manual entry of borrowing base. Endless back and forth with emails. 

The struggle slows you down, causes burnout and hurts the client experience. Growth will falter if you don’t have the right toolset.

There’s a better way

Digitizing your borrowing base streamlines ABL management – from file processing, BBC submission and availability calculation. It cuts the manual effort of collecting files, calculating availability and tracking covenants. No more chasing down files, manual entry or doing custom calculations. ABLSoft provides the full picture, so you can efficiently approve advances.

The first ingredient is seamless file submission. Borrowers can share files (Agings, BBC, Inventory) however they want. ABLSoft automatically maps Excel docs, converts PDFs and supports online entry of BBC.  Even more, with Instant Borrowing Base, borrowers can connect directly into borrowers’ accounting systems (QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, etc.) to pull agings, financials and generate the BBC. 

The second ingredient is intelligent processing. ABLSoft’s flexibilty enables fully customizable deal structures (sublimits, ineligibles, covenants). This granularity enables us to accurately and instantly calculate availability. You can lend with confidence, without all the manual work

Want to see it for yourself?  Email us and we’d be happy to share a demo.

Remember – efficiency is the first step to sustainable growth. Onward!